Book Videos 
See examples on the Teasers or Trailers page. Music, still images, sound effects, after effects  and moving graphics are provided from stock that I have.

Video Intro or Outro $10 each (this is a short animated clip to use at the start or end of your vlogs or youtube videos)
Instagram Video $25 basic
                            $50 premium
Book Teaser $10 basic(this video project contains your cover, tagline, moving background, music and your website)
                             $25 premium (this video project contains your cover, tagline, EFFECTS instead of video backgrounds, music and your website APROX 30 seconds)   

Backlist Showcase $20(a compilation of covers and taglines similar to a series teaser but the books do not need to be in a series)
Cover Reveal (short video with your cover and text. Effect used with these rather than a moving background like a teaser)
Series Teaser $20 (same as a teaser but for 3 or more books and will have a different background for each book)
Example 1
Example 2
Basic Book Video $25(Very basic. Contains your cover, blurb or text, music, website and one moving background) 
Standard Book Video $50(Cover, music, text, website and up to 5 video clips, moving backgrounds or stock photos)
Premium Book Video $75 (Cover, music, text, website, up to 10 video clips, moving backgrounds or stock photos)
Example 2
Cinematic Video $100-$200(Please email for options)
Web Commercial (a custom video designed to fit your web advertising needs)
Example 2
Facebook Profile Video $10 basic *contains basic video background
                                       $25 premium contains cinematic effects
Facebook Cover Videos $ 25 Basic 20-90 seconds long 820x312 pixels ONE background with your covers and text
                                       $ 50 Standard 20-90 seconds long 820x312 pixels Up to 5 backgrounds with your covers and text

                                       $ 75 Premium 20-90 seconds long 820x312 pixels up to 10 backgrounds with your covers and text
GIF/Animated Book Cover $25 (Adding ONE movement to an existing cover)
                                               $35 (add TWO movements to an existing cover)
                                               $45 (add THREE movements to an existing cover)

ANY Photos provided by the author MUST either be OWNED by author or free of any copyright issues. Please be responsible and purchase your royalty free images from a stock photo dealer. I may ask for conformation of purchase.

All videos include edits. As many as it takes to get it right for you at NO additional charge.

As for pricing....I think that EVERY author deserves a good book video! This is why I allow my clients to select a payment plan :) Super easy....we just set up Paypal invoicing on your timeline and you get to make payments :D

ALL videos are promoted on my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TSU, Google+, Tumblr, Stumble, Frequency and Reddit accounts as well as being sent out to a number of blogs for a chance at being hosted by them.

FMI  please email Opal at

Reading Reality says "Astraea Press hired a review coordinator a few months ago. Opal is doing a bang-up job. Every Astraea Press title gets reviewed."

Keta Diablo says " Opal made the lovely video trailer for Land of Falling Stars. I'm thrilled with her creativity and she made the process so enjoyable. I think she did a fantastic job, don't you? I highly recommend her services"

Jessica Warth, Owner, Tri Destiny Publishing says All publishers know a trailer can make or break the sales of any book.  Opal Campbell’s trailers definitely make your book stand out from the crowd.  She brings a level of professionalism and understanding to the job and worked hand-in-hand with me to make sure the trailer for Liz Crowe’s Stewart Realty series was above and beyond our expectations and, most importantly, was ready on a tight deadline.  Thanks to her superior job, our trailer ended up on the USA Today’s Happily Ever After book blog right along with Jeanine Frost’s.  As long as Opal keeps making trailers, she’ll be the one person we use to make all of ours.”